Coppersmith is a dynamic venue serving globally-influenced comfort food in a vintage-industrial warehouse in South Boston.

Coppersmith is unlike any other space in Boston. The vintage-industrial setting boasts echoes of an industrial past, retaining aesthetic elements of its former life as the Dahlquist Manufacturing Co (founded in 1894), which specialized in copper fabrication.

The vintage space is outfitted with reclaimed steel, restored brick, exposed timbers, exotic woods, multiple atrium skylights, open windows and glass garage doors that together impart a bright sense of comfort and warmth against Coppersmith’s industrial feel.


Branding, Digital, Print, Strategy



The Brand

We were fortunate to have joined the Coppersmith development team in the early stages of the build. The building was just acquired and the brand was nonexistent. To get a better idea of the brand, we began with Pinterest, going out and building various idea boards. Once we had a better idea of what the client was looking for, we began to put together the fonts, colors, textures, images and other assets to be used throughout the brand.

The logo went through various stages before the final logo was signed off by the client.

The Website

The website’s main goal was to capture reservations and book events – this is exactly what it did, by designing a home page with a large capturing, image, it gave the website a splash-page feel, allowing the team to change the images according to upcoming events and seasonal specials.