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Our Mission

We use digital solutions and creative design to create powerful identities, effective strategies, and inclusive experiences.

Why we do what we do? Well, it’s personal!

Firstly, let us introduce you to the wizard behind Capetivate. Meet Igor Souza! Born to immigrant parents, Igor grew up valuing his parents’ journey in everything he set out to accomplish. In fact, at the age of 20, he played a part in founding his first nonprofit “Fresh Truck” to drive more equitable food access in his community.

Because of his entrepreneurial spirit, Igor launched Capetivate in 2013. Soon after, he became intimately familiar with the challenges that come with running a small business.

This is where Capetivate comes in! The essence of our brand is to use the lessons we learned and help other small businesses seamlessly build their own identities.

This is why Igor and his team are uniquely positioned to deeply understand your marketing needs as well as effectively address them. At Capetivate, we use a collaborative approach to business and a creative eye for design to help businesses like yours not only grow but also sustain growth.

Does this sound all too familiar to you? Are you ready to take your business to the next level? All you have to do is request a consultation with Capetivate. So, let’s get things started! 

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