At the Lantana, exceptional service has always been a family affair. Our founders, Maurice and Joan Hart, opened a small catering business out of their Roslindale home in 1956. From those humble beginnings, the Harts learned to shape their services to meet the needs of their clients, and area residents began to learn about the Harts.

After many successful parties and perfected recipes, the Harts moved their budding business to a larger facility in Dorchester, MA, in 1960, to accommodate the higher demand. A decade later, they saw a golden opportunity to combine their entertainment value and fine culinary prowess to bring a new vision of grand venue space to a yet-untapped area: Massachusetts’ South Shore.


The Lantana: Website ReDev

What We Did

Company Branding, Responsive Web Design

A little bit more about their mission:

The Lantana prides themselves on attention to detail, impeccable service, lavish decor, and their commitment to serving their clients– their welcomed guests. Together they will create joyful memories their clients will cherish generation after generation. They are the essence of excellence!

Project Scope:

We were brought on board this project by a fellow change consultant who saw a need for web presence and growth in The Lantana pipeline. After a few meetings with the client, their staff and a few of their clients, we were ready to get the ball rolling. We began by studying the competition and by learning the market. Not only was the client in the venue space, they had multiple rooms that could accommodate multiple parties. We needed to make sure their brand was aligned with all prospects, from weddings, galas, and commercial. Another major part of the project was making sure all online assets were current throughout the various marketing platforms that the client utilized.