Project Overview

Pier37 Boathouse needed a website to reflect its brand and serve its marketing goals. And that’s exactly what we did!

After in-depth conversations with key stakeholders at Pier37 Boathouse, we had a clear vision for the website and sketched a course of action to establish the brand, improve the content, and build the technical framework for the new website.

Among our marketing solutions, we identified five key audiences Pier37 Boathouse needed to market to. Additionally, we developed personas for each audience identifying them as such: summer visitors, year-round residents, lunchtime eaters, dinner time clientele, and late night entertainment crowd.

With these personas in mind, we were able to build a website that was not only tailored to serve them but also target them with the new services the restaurant was offering. The result? A website that embodied the upscale dining and top-notch service the restaurant offered. Equally important, the website had to portray the restaurant’s after-hours entertainment services while maintaining focus on the original schedule.


Falmouth Pier37 Boathouse




UI/UX Design, Responsive Web Design, Graphic Design, Marketing

The goal was to design a website that propelled the Pier37 brand.

We heavily customized the site to meet content needs driven by the new entertainment services. The objective behind this was to enable management to easily add, edit, and monitor the content.  

Using large photography-based visuals and sharp typography, the new website shows the modern venue’s different features and services. It also emphasizes its ability to cater to various audiences at different times of the day.