After numerous in-depth conversations with the various stakeholders of the Pier 37 Boathouse, we were able to develop a strategic brief that established the brand, content and technical framework for their new website.

We identified 5 key audiences and developed personas for each: Summer visitors, year-round residents, lunchtime eaters, dinner time clientele, late night entertainment crowd.

The site would have to take on the general look and feel of the brand Pier 37 was trying to present – upscale dining and top-notch service. Equally important, the website has to portray the restaurant’s after-hours entertainment schedule while not pushing the brand too far off from its original guide.


Pier37 Web & Brand Renovation


Falmouth Pier37 Boathouse

What We Did

UI/UX Design, Responsive Web Design, Graphic Design, Marketing

They just needed a website to propel their brand.

We heavily customized the site to meet the content needs of the entertainment side of things so that management could easily add, edit and manage content. Using large, photography-based visuals and sharp typography, the new site shows that a modern venue can serve multiple purposes to various audiences at different times of the day.